How to Grab Frames from Video?


If you want to grab a single frame or more from your video to use as a still photo (in order to use the picture on a Web page, for example),Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free is a good assistant. With the inbuilt frame grabber, you can grab still images from your webcam or screen in one-shot mode or burst mode to save as BMP/JPEG format or save to clipboard for further usage. It is available to set the number of frames to take or to skip between each capture. Meanwhile, you can adjust the height and width of captured frames as well as zoom the size. Now, Download Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free to get the best of both Video and Picture worlds!

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Step 1. Choose Recording Video Source

Choose the video source.

Choose Recording Video Source

Step 2. Grab Frames from Video

Click “Frame Grabber”. You can select output folder or directly open it after grabbing.

If you just want to take only one screenshot, click “BMP File” or “JPEG File” below “One-shot frame capture to…” to get a BMP or JPEG image file. Click “Clipboard” and the frames will be saved in the clipboard. The file name will be automatically created. If needed, you can check “Do not create the file name automatically, use this file name” and enter the name you like.

Grab Frames from Video

This program also allows you to grab frames in burst-mode. You just need to enter the figures about how many frames you want to take in succession and how much time when the next frame should be taken. The names of the frames can be automatically created according to sequential basis or time basis. Check the needed one. Enter the prefix for the file names or use the default one.

The output file size can be easily zoomed by moving the silder bar or entering the percents in “Size”. Click “Reset” to get the normal size. You can also set the image width and height by entering the figures. When everything is ready, click “BMP File” or “JPEG File” below “Burst-mode frame capture to…” to get BMP or JPEG image files. Click “Clipboard” and the frames will be saved in the clipboard. Click “Stop” if you want to quit grabbing.


Grab Frames from Video

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